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The award winning Chef Adam Pegg of La Quercia

Adam graduated culinary school at Vancouver Island’s Camosun College in 1991, and worked at Victoria’s Herald Street Caffe and Il Terrazzo before he was urged to journey to stage in Italy by his mentor, Chef Daniele Mereu. Pegg attended the Italian Slow Food School where he earned the Master of Italian Gastronomy-the first to do so in Canada.

La Quercia hand crafts pastas using century old techniques Pegg learned throughout Italy, all while staging with well-known Italian chefs such as Ugo Alciati in Piedmont, and Fiorenzo Varesco and Gianni Chiocchetti in Trentino.

The Menu


Pork Loin Tonnato (Pork & Tuna)
Pork Crackling
Giardiniera (Pickled Vegetables)
Grissini (Bread Sticks)

Bacio Rosso - Menu - Antipasti
Bacio Rosso - Menu - Antipasti


Melanzana alla Parmigiana (Eggplant Lasagna)

Bacio Rosso - Menu - Primi


Rosticciata di Manzo (Slow Roasted Beef)
Pollo in Umido (Braised Chicken)
Polenta con Funghi (Polenta with Mushrooms)

Bacio Rosso - Menu - Secondi
Bacio Rosso - Menu - Secondi
Bacio Rosso - Menu - Secondi


Crema di Limone (Lemon Cream)

Bacio Rosso - Menu - Dolci

Wine is sunlight held together by water

Bacio Rosso offers an exciting selection of local and international wines and spirits